Product Care

Magnetic Sign Care

Your sign is made from the finest “state of the art” magnetic material available to bring you the best in magnetic mobile advertising. As with anything kept outside, it will weather over time, but proper care can lengthen its life.
We cannot be held responsible for any misapplication or misuse of your signage.

1. Wash and wipe your vehicle clean, and then dry it.
2. Wax the vehicle surface over which the magnetic sign is being placed with a high quality wax for the protection of your vehicle.
3. Touch the magnetic sign to the vehicle. If it isn’t exactly where you want it, remove it and replace it – don’t slide it. Do not apply a magnetic sign to a newly repainted vehicle – allow at least 60 days for fresh paint to cure.

Remove your sign from the vehicle once a week and wipe both the vehicle and the front and back of the sign clean and dry. Re-wax the vehicle. Put the sign back on in a slightly different spot each time. To clean the face of magnetic signs, use a sponge and mild detergent. Do not immerse in water. Wipe dry. Never steam clean signs or take through a car wash.

Magnetic signs must be stored either flat on a metal surface or rolled up in a tube. WARNING! Do not store magnetic signs unrolled and unprotected inside a hot vehicle. The passenger compartment of your car, truck or van on a hot day can reach temperatures equivalent to those of an oven, especially with windows closed. These extremely high temperatures can distort and destroy your signs unless they are rolled up into a tube. The best way to store magnetic signs when not on your vehicle is to keep them rolled (with the magnetic side in and the printed side out) in a common, inexpensive mailing tube. A 3” diameter tube is ideal – do not use a smaller tube. Do not roll signs tightly – roll as large as can be easily fit into the tube. Temperature need not be a concern when the sign is attached to the vehicle. Do not damage signs by folding, creasing, or putting heavy objects on top of them. If signs should get severely bent out of shape due to poor maintenance, do not use them. They can usually be straightened out by placing them on a flat metal surface for a day or so, such as a filing cabinet, desk, refrigerator, etc., which is also an alternative way to store your signs when not in use on your vehicle.